Keys to Developing an Emergency Plan                     [Main Story]

a. Involve individuals who have an interest or experience in safety issues.

b. Include key church leaders on the crisis team, both employees and volunteers.

c. Tailor your emergency plan to the geographic realities of your community.

d. Invite your local police, fire, and EMS agencies to assist in the development of your emergency plan.

e. Put competent people in charge, and have others know who is responsible for activating the plan.

f. Train key members of the crisis team on their assignments and responsibilities so they know how to respond.

g. Test and implement the plan before a crisis occurs. Conduct practice drills with the entire congregation at least annually.

h. Before each service or activity, make a visual check to be sure all exit doors are unlocked and clear of obstructions.

i. Review the plan periodically and update as necessary.

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This article was published September 12, 2013.


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