We pulled up to the camping site trying to figure out where in the world we would put our two tents. We looked around doubtfully, surveying our only two options: a small, sloping grassy area at the end of the paved parking area (did I mention sloping?), and a narrow rectangular plot on the right edge of it (did I mention narrow?).

We knew that site B-11 was our only chance, after hours of preparation on the part of both families, to make this first camping trip happen. It was Labor Day weekend, and we’d been told that this was the last spot left. I glanced at the thick border of weeds that surrounded the plot and wondered how many of its resident creepy crawlies would find their way into our tent. However, on the plus side (or so I thought), the bathrooms were right behind us.

After much discussion and admittedly some consternation, the largest tent was pitched on the slope, ... »
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