I was about 4 months old when I broke my first bone. I was born with a disease called osteogenesis imperfect tarda (OI), sometimes referred to as brittle bone disease. No one knew I had a broken leg, or much about OI, at that time. 

A few months after it had healed, I broke the same leg again, but this time there was no mistake that it had broken. While visiting with some relatives, the person holding me leaned against a table. My leg caught in between, and everyone heard the snap of my leg breaking and the loud cries that followed.

Because not much was known about OI when I was a child, our physician, Dr. Young, did not know much about the disease. My parents remember that he still did his best to understand it. He read up on OI and offered to continue to treat me any time I had a broken bone. Dr. Young was kind and did his best to accommodate our financial situation and my ... »
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