I grew up in Durban, South Africa, and loved the Bible from a young age. One of my clearest memories is of my grandfather reading John 14:1-3 for family worship. I enrolled in the Voice of Prophecy correspondence Bible course and looked forward to receive my lessons every two weeks or so in the mail. I would eagerly check if my answers were correct or not, and looked forward to digging into the next lesson. The lessons, printed in black on white, did not have an elaborate design—especially when compared to the glossy lessons we have today. Yet God’s Word was alive and full of power in my young teenage heart.

Many years later, when I studied theology at Helderberg College, it was a great privilege to meet Heather Tredoux, director of the Bible School. The Word of God slowly transformed a shy, stuttering young man into a preacher. In fact, the Bible helps us grow into the people God ... »
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