For our one-year wedding anniversary Natalie and I decided to go on a cruise, something neither of us had ever done. In early September we set out on a Royal Caribbean seven-day sail that included stops in the Bahamas, St. Thomas, and St. Maarten.

The ship itself was . . . big. Occupied by more than 6,000 passengers and 2,300 crew members, the vessel had at least 20 restaurants, a Broadway theater, an ice-skating rink, and a boardwalk that could make any oceanside town jealous. And that’s just the beginning.

What really made the aptly named Allure of the Seas unique was the staff personally assigned to each traveler. If you’ve been on a cruise, you know it’s much different than staying at a hotel. Each stateroom has the same attendant throughout the entire voyage. Not only does this person clean and freshen your room, they’re available to assist ... »
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