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The Nebuchadnezzar Syndrome

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To Be Like TreesMembers-only Article - From nature comes a promise for those who are grounded in Christ.

Testiphonies - They linger on their former, fallen behaviors, and almost gloss over the One who rescued them.

Prayer Doesn't Work--God Does!Members-only Article - Who is the one working behind the prayers?

Open Heart, Open DoorMembers-only Article - What led them to her house? What led her to let them in?

On EqualityMembers-only Article - What are gender norms really? Do they really apply?

Healing the Uncaring Heart - There is so much to care about in the world. Apathy isn't an answer.

Empty Energy?Members-only Article - When the world crumbles, guess who will be strong?

Against the Wind - A woman looking for meaning meets a couple sharing a message about Jesus.

A Hidden Treasure - Christ reigning with us helps us to discover life on a new level.

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