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That Polka-dotted TieMembers-only Article

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Two Adventist Students Killed, Two Injured - The driver lost control of the vehicle, which then crashed into a tree. Police reports indicate that alcohol or drugs were not factors in the accident.

Objective Truth - Early in his Christian journey Clifford Goldstein asked God for a sign. What he received was much more.


"I'll Gladly Do Laundry, Lord"Members-only Article - Blessed is the person who serves God withl making ends meet.

The One-noterMembers-only Article

What's Mined Is YoursMembers-only Article - Deep, open-minded Bible study is its own reward.

Our Redemption's Drawing NearMembers-only Article - Natural and man-made disasters, while always tragic, are indications that we don't have long to wait.

The Nearly Adventist President - When Warren Gamaliel Harding was elected U.S. president, Adventists had reason to cheer. Or did they?

Childhood Obesity - Obesity in children is increasing at an alarming rate. What can parents do about it?

A Doubting ChristianMembers-only Article - Have you ever asked yourself, "do I have what it takes to make a real sacrifice for the Lord?" Adventist Review news editor Sandra Blackmer has.