May 18, 2006
Sometimes in life it is good to get away and have a change of scenery, or just go off by yourself for some solitude.
My wife, Marie, and I enjoy a little lake (Shelly Lake) in Manistee National Forest near Brohman, Michigan. We have found rest and revitalization, and have made some fond memories from our trips to this National Forest Service campground. We have camped here during cold times and hot, and have survived thunderstorms and humid afternoons. Here we have seen the seasons change from summer to fall, and from fall to spring. This particular trip occurred in spring. We arrived during the obnoxious frog-mating season, and before we left we knew that spring was here. How so? We saw a pair of geese with their five goslings, and a juvenile muskrat eating near an older one that we assumed was its parent. The trees had even changed since the last time we were there, their »

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