The story is told of a radio station that received a curious letter. It was from a sheepherder who lived alone in the hills of Idaho. The radio station had never before received such a request. The letter read, “Will you please strike A on the piano in your studio? The only comfort I have here is my fiddle, and it is so out of tune. Will you strike A so I can be in tune again?”

The request was granted, and the radio announcers paused in the midst of a broadcast to strike A to give the sheepherder his pitch.

This is a picture of all of us when our lives get out of tune with our Savior. The strings of moral conviction, once so finely tuned to God’s Word, become loose and careless through compromise or neglect. Secret sins rarely distort the tone of outward respectability, but sooner or later an off-key word or deed betrays that something is wrong inside. “God, »

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