I had just parked my car at a local shopping mall. Moments before hopping on the travelator I spotted my friend Jim. He was with someone I had not met.

“G’day, Jim,” I said cheerily.

“Hello, Steve. Great to see you!” he replied warmly. “This is my friend Barry. He’s with the Pentecostals,” Jim volunteered, putting his hand on Barry’s shoulder.

Now it seemed my turn to disclose my denominational affiliation. What should I say?

In the past, as a brand-new Christian, when asked what church I attended I used to say I was a Seventh-day Adventist. Before I completed the sentence I often recognized a look of unease on the face of individuals. Not that I was not proud of what I believed—it was just that the long title seemed to have the effect of downsizing the smile that had been there a moment before.

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