November 10, 2005

5 • Dear Lois and Eunice:Members-only Article
What is nurture? It could be as simple as remembering to bring an extra towel for the newly baptized.

6 • Finding FrancesMembers-only Article
Kimberly Lust reminds us that the golden rule in the Gospels isn't only for the sunny days.

8 • The Audience
In this week's cover story, Nathan Brown reminds us that in the drama called "life" we all play a part.

14 • The Story of Creation
A power big enough to speak the world into existence is big enough to bring order to our chaos.

22 • From Sabbath School to Social EpidemiologyMembers-only Article
Author Sharon Aka is learning life lessons in the strangest places.

27 • Is God Late?Members-only Article
Like many Americans, Sari Fordham became obsessed with Hurricane Katrina. However, that experience led her to deeper life questions.

28 • ICU AngelMembers-only Article
Angels don’t usually wear blue jeans in the intensive care unit.

30 • Deliver Us From Evil
Is it too easy to become comfortable with the influence of evil?

31 • The Dunes of Lake MichiganMembers-only Article
Every nature lover knows the deep spiritual attraction of wilderness, says author Shandelle Henson.

70 • Open Letter from Bill Johnsson

72 • Seven of Nine
What does the television show Star Trek tell us about culture and community?

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