February 9, 2006

5 • Knowing Jesus
The Adventist Review editor wants to know, "Why are we reticent to talk about Jesus."

6 • Forever GrowingMembers-only Article
What do Adventists value the most, indoctrination, memorization, or exploration?

8 • It's About Jesus
Life is basically pretty simple: we're born, we die; unless Jesus is part of the picture.

14 • Becoming MinnesotanMembers-only Article
What would you do when the temperature drops to 20 degree below zero? Sari Fordham shares her perspective.

16 • Be Ye Equally YokedMembers-only Article
A lifetime commitment like marriage should be entered into with as many advantages as possible.

22 • Scandalous Love
It's an old familiar story. You've read it before. Now find out who's really the prodigal.

29 • St. Louis to LaeMembers-only Article
What is the Adventist church really like around the world? Nathan Brown offers a glimpse.

31 • Up to the ChallengeMembers-only Article
Though she's a strong believer in prayer, Lisa Petsche confesses that there are times when she feels too discouraged to pray.

74 • Coping with Critics
So what does Presidents' Day have to do with critics? Our online columnist has the answer.

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