February 23, 2006

5 • Myths of Adventist Missions
William G. Johnsson says a silence regarding mission has decended on our Sabbath schools and campmeetings.

8 • Court Intrigue
The decisions made by the justices of the United States Supreme Court will influence more than just the U.S.

14 • Women's Health IssuesMembers-only Article
A little prevention early on can solve big problems down the road.

16 • DeductionsMembers-only Article
Clifford Goldstein discusses misconceptions about why some people leave the Adventist Church.

17 • Days of DecisionMembers-only Article
Adventist Review associate editor Bill Knott interview Ella Simmons, the first female vice president of the General Conference.

22 • Five Degrees of WarmthMembers-only Article
What's the global impact of one act of kindness? The answer may surprise you.

24 • That Sabbath at Simon's
A display so outrageous it'll be remembered--and celebrated--until Jesus returns.

28 • Strong in the LordMembers-only Article
Lisa Sutton reminds us that faith is more than avoiding obstacles;it's overcoming them.

31 • Unscripted JourneyMembers-only Article
God often reveals His divine plan to us one step at a time.

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