April 20, 2006

5 • Beloved Enemy
What happens when you encounter someone who doesn't share your faith? Bill Knott shares his perspective.

8 • Adventists in Freedom Park
"Freedom and justice for all" is not just a slogan; it's an Adventist imperative.

13 • The UnforgettablesMembers-only Article
Dying is an inescapable part of living. Tim Evans talks about his ministry to bereaved families.

17 • Faith in ActionMembers-only Article
Selected quotations from religous thought leaders.

21 • Will and Grace PowerMembers-only Article
Kathy Beagles has a personal confession to make. Read it here.

22 • Aunt MargieMembers-only Article
She was a saint, whether anyone realized it or not.

25 • A Walk to Remember
In a world where morphine will not erase the aches of an old man, is there a river of grace to wash the tears away?

28 • Miracles HappenMembers-only Article
Gisele Kuhn gives us a glympse of how her daughter's illness impacts family life.

30 • In the Footsteps of PaulMembers-only Article
Valuable tools for the discipleship journey

31 • Fear NotMembers-only Article
Have your dreams taught you a lesson? Kimberly Maran shares what she's learned.

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