April 27, 2006

5 • Wise Dogs
What does it really take to become immersed in the Word of God?

8 • Destination Unknown
The World Council of Churches ponders its future.

14 • Heart Disease and Vegetarianism
Does the latter protect us from the former?

16 • Morning RoutinesMembers-only Article
The beginning of the day is a special time of openness.

17 • Unaided ReasonMembers-only Article
Clifford Goldstein compares Plato's thoughts on the origin of the universe with modern evolutionary theory.

22 • The OverdraftMembers-only Article
One bounced check can teach us a lot about growing up.

24 • Crying Among the TombsMembers-only Article
Thank God that there's hope for those we're ready to write off as hopeless.

28 • "Don't Ask Me for Money!"Members-only Article
She'd heard it all. Then she was touched by the Holy Spirit.

31 • The Heavenly WrestlerMembers-only Article
Is their a limit to God's grace?

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