May 11, 2006

5 • The Real ScoopMembers-only Article
Jesus' ministry was a minstry of action, not just proclaation. What about yours?

6 • QuestionsMembers-only Article
Kimberly Maran asks, "Has the Adventist Church imposed institutional codes that restrict free choice?"

8 • God Bats Last
Good news about the Judgment: It isn't over 'til it's over.

13 • The Sounds of MusicMembers-only Article
From Mozart to praise songs, God has blessed the world with music.

14 • A Marriage Made in HeavenMembers-only Article
What does this most intimate of human relationships have to say about our union with Christ?

17 • Bring Back Church Discipline
Church is not a spiritual supermarket or shopping mall, a retailer whose primary purpose is to make us feel good.

24 • Show Me the Nail Prints
Maybe Thomas wasn't that much of a doubter after all.

27 • God's Vision, His MissionMembers-only Article
Lance Aubrey Carr never had a reason to believe in God, let alone love Him.

31 • Growing Up TogetherMembers-only Article
Author Grant Graves reminds us of what church is really about.

32 • Gutting Gossip
How you can avoid getting tangled in that poison grapevine at work.

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