June 15, 2006

5 • Helping the Helpless
As Christians, our biblical mandate is to care not only for fellow humans but also God's other creatures.

8 • Lord, ItÂ’s Hard to Be Humble
Having a realistic view of our strengths and weaknesses is an essential part of living as a disciple of Christ.

13 • Cats, Dogs, and SheepMembers-only Article
Kathy Beagles compares discipleship to the experience of a lost puppy.

14 • Life TogetherMembers-only Article
Mentoring, accountability, and being part of Christ's body: Cecelia Luck interview Doug Tilstra.

16 • R & R With GodMembers-only Article
It's nice to know that God is ultimately in control of nature, but what about life's personal problems?

22 • Leading With HumilityMembers-only Article
More thoughts on Discipleship

24 • A Symphony of Selfless Love
We are often preoccupied in moving upward. But then we bump our heads on something. It's Jesus coming down.

28 • When Black Leather and Bibles MeetMembers-only Article
Gary and Karen Andregg have a unique way of witnessing for Christ.

30 • Seeing God at His Very BestMembers-only Article
Monte Sahlin reviews new discipleship resources.

31 • My Need to KnowMembers-only Article
Are Christians guilty of insisting that God be completely knowable?

88 • Finally, Some Good News in the Battle Against AIDS
The latest U.N. report offers hopeful signs in the 25-year-old disease.

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