June 22, 2006

5 • What’s New at the Review?
The Adventist Review editor reveals some new and exciting changes coming for the church's flagship journal.

8 • "I Am Encouraged":
Readers respond to James Nix's article "Growing Up Adventist."

13 • The Power of Truth and RighteousnessMembers-only Article
The times in which we live demand more than we've ever given before

14 • Sweet DreamsMembers-only Article
For many, a good night's sleep is the impossible dream. Here's why.

16 • Essence and AccidentMembers-only Article
Is it still possible to get a glimpse of God's original creation in this sin-cursed world?

22 • This Common ManMembers-only Article
Many live out of the spotlight. But they still leave behind a large shadow.

25 • Yours For the Asking
Author Jerry Thomas asks, "Does God promise to provide all we want? Or all we need?"

29 • In Praise of an “Unfair” GodMembers-only Article
Do we really want to be part of a world in which we always get fair responses to our choices?

31 • Formed and TransformedMembers-only Article
Review managing editor Stephen Chavez asks, "Where is God's glory found?"

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