August 10, 2006

5 • All About Choice
The Adventist Review managing editor reminds us that to live well me must choose well.

6 • Dissecting a FrogMembers-only Article
When reading the Bible we often assume the most profitable form of study is to take it apart piece by piece.

8 • Seven Things I Hope You Tell Your Kids
Going back to God's eternal principles helps kids deal with society's changes.

13 • Readers Respond to “Four Big Questions”
William Johnsson asked the questions. Now readers offer their answers.

22 • To Know GodMembers-only Article
How can we serve a God--let alone love Him--if we don't know Him?

26 • I’m the Mom NowMembers-only Article
Does being a parent sometimes get in the way of raising children?

29 • To Be HumanMembers-only Article
Columnist Sari Fordham offers her reflections on Mount Everest and human kindness.

31 • The Tie That UnbindsMembers-only Article
When Christ gives us a new life there's still work for us to do.

70 • Farming Success
It’s summertime. And that means sweet onions, cherries the size of kiwis, and weeds. Jungles of weeds.

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