September 28, 2006

2 • Journey of Hope
A message from the officers of the General Conference.

3 • Eve: Hope Ignited
Only God provides hope for our journey.

6 • Moses: Hope Deferred
He learned to trust God in the silent years, in the difficult times.

8 • Rahab: Hope Adopted
How will you respond when hope knocks at your door?

10 • Daniel: Hope Vindicated
Battles may be lost, but the book of Daniel says the war can be won.

12 • Mary: Hope Challenged
The honor of being the Messiah's mother couldn't prepare her for the pain of losing Him.

16 • Paul: Hope Experienced
Hope can be both a word and a reality.

18 • John: Hope Revealed
In the midst of exile and loneliness, and the apostle discovers hope for us all.

20 • Jesus: Our Living Hope
Whatever the setbacks, we may look beyond ourselves to Him.

23 • Children's Journey of Hope
A collection of readings just for kids (and the kids in all of us)!

32 • A Word From President Jan Paulsen
General Conference President Jan Paulsen shares encouragement for our own journeys of hope.

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