December 28, 2006

7 • Rocky Hill to Silver Spring
The new Adventist Review editor shares his tribute to Bill Johnsson.

8 • We Call Him Bill
A career in the church that spanned continents, decades, and incredible growth is celebrated.

17 • Blood in the Holy of HoliesMembers-only Article
Clifford Goldstein says Adventists have struggled with pre-Advent judgment, seeing it as something not just in tension with the cross but in contradiction to it.

22 • I Believe GodMembers-only Article
Lessons of faith, learned early, bring lasting dividends.

24 • Without A Trace
The greatest human tragedy is to disappear from the radar of eternity.

27 • Have You Seen This Child?Members-only Article
Mary and Joseph once lost touch with Jesus. How often do we have the same problem today?

28 • Hormone Replacement for MenMembers-only Article
Can it help, or will it only make them worse?

31 • What I Learned From Bill JohnssonMembers-only Article
A personal reflection on a beloved employer, writer, teacher, and friend.

51 • The Coming of Starbucks Nation
What does the cultural impact of Starbucks mean for Christians?

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