January 25, 2007

5 • A Tragic LessonMembers-only Article
The afternoon was barely half gone before trouble struck.

8 • The New Congress and the Adventist Agenda
As politics in the U. S. becomes more polarized, what can Adventists expect?

13 • The Mother of All Metanarratives
How does the truth of Christianity answer the questons of postmodernism?

14 • Pressing Back the Tide of EvilMembers-only Article
We can start by praying for our elected officials, but it shouldn't stop there.

22 • Shoes for HeavenMembers-only Article
Is life on earth so good that we no longer long for heaven?

24 • Experiencing the Trinity
It's a mystery that can be experienced, but not explained.

28 • Health in a NutshellMembers-only Article
The GC physicians remind us that all nuts are not created equal.

31 • The “Good” Old Days?Members-only Article
Were the good old days really that good?

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