February 15, 2007

5 • The Pictures on Our Walls
We are a multicultural, multiethnic, body of believers. But do our actions reflect that?

8 • I Cried So Hard I Laughed
Grief and joy--how can such opposite emotions bring us to tears?

12 • A Whole HeartMembers-only Article
To serve and share as disciples of Christ, we need a special kind of heart--a whole heart.

13 • The Path of SorrowsMembers-only Article
Thoughts on sorrow and the healing that Christ brings.

14 • Switching GearsMembers-only Article
Teenie Finley makes the transition from wife of the evangelist to the evangelist.

17 • Gielle's JournalMembers-only Article
Step into the life of 10-year-old Gielle Kuhn in her courageous battle against cancer.

22 • Coming Close to God
It's a command with a promise--the promise of a forever friendship.

26 • Challenged by the TruthMembers-only Article
A young man follows Christ by taking up His cross.

30 • Soul MattersMembers-only Article
Want to enhance your small group ministry? Read on to find out how.

31 • Check and Double CheckMembers-only Article
Our faith in Christ is the only thing that will get us through heaven's security check.

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