February 22, 2007

5 • Family Trees
The love you show and the work you do now will show rewards sooner than you think.

8 • It's Not About Demetrius
The unity we seek as believers has more than shouting and enthusiasm in it.

14 • Prostate Cancer
It's not a death sentence; and it may be preventable.

16 • Transcendence in TimeMembers-only Article
God knows the future and the past because He is above all space and time.

22 • A Lesson in HumilityMembers-only Article
When "Can't someone else do it?" didn't hack it, she stepped up to the plate.

24 • All We Like SheepMembers-only Article
A pastor finds lessons in the most common of metaphors.

26 • A Wonderful HumilityMembers-only Article
There was never a better example of true humility than Jesus.

29 • Drivers Sought or How Close Can I Get?Members-only Article
Are we more wrapped up in our own issues in this world that we lose sight of what's really important?

31 • The Love ChannelMembers-only Article
We are channels of God's grace and love in the world, but do we use this precious gift?

70 • Encouraging an Encouraging Culture
What does football, track, and the Christian life have in common?

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