March 22, 2007

5 • Are We Still Protestant?Members-only Article
In our zeal to extol the truth, let's not overlook the greatest asset we have--Scripture.

8 • Experiencing the Cross
Once a symbol of death and humiliation, it has become the symbol of God's love.

13 • Unforgettable LessonsMembers-only Article
What must it have been like to have exclusive access to the risen Christ?

15 • The Metaphysics of the "Mark"
In the twinkling of an eye, everything will change. Are you ready?

16 • Acid Reflux
Significant improvements come from the simplest remedies.

22 • "I'll Be There in the Morning"Members-only Article
At every turn God was one step ahead of Him, with an answer already waiting.

26 • A Stirring in the LandMembers-only Article
Veteran pastor Esther Knott dialogs with Doug Batchelor, pastor/evangelist, about current and future directions for evangelism.

29 • Chains of Shame, Locks of LoveMembers-only Article
Don't wallow in the worst moments of life. Claim Christ's victory for us.

31 • Attitude AdjustmentsMembers-only Article
We've all needed a tweak in our attitudes from time to time. Praise God for knowing just how to do it.

33 • Adventists and Easter
Should Seventh-day Adventists participate in Easter celebrations?

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