May 10, 2007

5 • Sins of Omission
God designed bodies for action, and not using this gift can be a big problem. Literally.

6 • A Flattening WorldMembers-only Article
Rapid advances in technology can never take the place of the personal touch.

8 • Times of Trouble, Gifts of Grace
One of the reaons Bible biographies are so powerful is that we can see ourselves in them.

13 • The World's Most Expensive ChocolateMembers-only Article
What do faith and expensive chocolate have in common? You'll know after reading this article.

14 • God's Promise and a Mother's PrayerMembers-only Article
We can trust our children to Someone who loves them more than we do.

22 • Zoning Out to GodMembers-only Article
Some call it prayer, but either way it's just as intimate.

26 • Why Go to Church?
"Because all my friends do" is not the right answer.

30 • Simple Concepts, Explained SimplyMembers-only Article
Seth Pierce challenges us to know what we believe. Really know it.

31 • Monterey TaxiMembers-only Article
The saying "You may be the only Jesus some will ever see" holds true. Take it seriously.

33 • A Penchant for Paradox
In popular culture all around us, paradox is almost a rule of thumb.

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