June 28, 2007

5 • God's Game Plan
Want a game plan for life? God has already provided one.

8 • Disagreeing Faithfully
Editor Bill Knott talks with Lowell Cooper about moderating conversations between people with strong convictions.

12 • Life LessonsMembers-only Article
How spirituality affects learning, and vice versa.

17 • Secular JewMembers-only Article
Cliff Goldstein shares his insights.

23 • Driving LessonsMembers-only Article
Staying on the "straight and narrow" is a matter of keeping of gaze locked on Jesus.

24 • Theater of God's GloryMembers-only Article
What do scientific observations of the universe tell us about God?

28 • Type 2 Diabetes
Prevention is the best prescription.

30 • Everybody's Normal, Until...Members-only Article
We are all believers--less than perfect--but destined to be set free by Christ.

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