August 23, 2007

5 • Just Waiting to Be AskedMembers-only Article
Ever rampant religious surveys may produce results that reflect "high statistical validity." We're after real value.

8 • The Next Chapter
God is looking for young adults who will embrace the risk--and the joy--of carrying His message.

14 • Common SenseMembers-only Article
Who would have thought it could be so uncommon?

17 • The Unbelievable Being of LightnessMembers-only Article
Let your God-given light shine, or continue to face the ever presence of darkness.

22 • Weight Control
Best learn to control your weight before it controls you.

24 • Heroes of Adventist EducationMembers-only Article
The educational system we sometimes take for granted was founded and nurtured by some great visionaries.

28 • Educating for EternityMembers-only Article
Success in this life is just one half of the equation.

29 • Becoming Our Own Gods
We may sometimes think we need to change the Divine. But really, we are in need of the Divine to change us.

31 • Do the Write ThingMembers-only Article
Have something to share through the written word? It's not as hard as you may think.

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