October 25, 2007

5 • Timeless CounselMembers-only Article
The Bible has given us clear counsel on what our role should be to those needing our help. Are we heeding it?

6 • Let's Get Started
Young adults in our church are ready and willing to lead. Are we ready and willing to let them? We need to be.

8 • Adventists Join the MOB
Meet the special people who are united in a special ministry.

13 • Return on InvestmentMembers-only Article
Advancing the gospel is better than money in the bank.

14 • DhanyabadhMembers-only Article
People in desperate need don't always stop to say "thank you."

22 • Cosmic CrackpotMembers-only Article
Being up on the latest in science and technology has its merits. But what about in relation to our faith?

24 • Waiting for the Fire
What will it take for God's people to experience the fullness of the Holy Spirit?

29 • Putting the Pieces TogetherMembers-only Article
Every gift that God has given us has a place in the church.

30 • Musings at a WaterfallMembers-only Article
Even the forces of nature can remind us of the awesome power of God.

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