November 15, 2007

5 • Silver Linings
If God is in your life, there is a silver lining to be found in every cloud.

8 • When You Lose a Spouse
Death interrupts "happily ever after."

13 • CorrectionMembers-only Article
When God speaks gentle words of correction to us, we need to listen up.

14 • Out-of-the-Box Ministry
Outreach methods can be tailored to each unique situation.

22 • When God OrdainsMembers-only Article
A tattered Bible, a mysterious hitchhiker, an an impromptu gesture.

24 • Resources to "Tool" Us for MinistryMembers-only Article
Check out Monte Sahlin's latest round up of resources for your ministry.

26 • Let Me Introduce You to Doctor LukeMembers-only Article
His contribution to Christianity is huge. But what do we really know about him?

31 • When FearfulMembers-only Article
We live in a scary world, in a scary time. But God is still so in control.

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