December 13, 2007

5 • Living Our DreamsMembers-only Article
In facing an uncertain future, remember that Christ still makes dreams come true.

6 • The Digital Paradigm
Are you with Christ or not? Are you on or off?

8 • The Cost of the Call
The invitation took her by surprise. Still, she said "yes."

13 • A (Sometimes) Beautiful WorldMembers-only Article
Sometimes even human kindness in this sick world is nothing more than an optical illusion.

14 • A Cosmic Religion?Members-only Article
Studying the cosmos leads eventually to encountering the One who created it.

22 • For Love or Money
A thousand voices urges us to spend. Who's challenging us to save?

25 • He Said Go!Members-only Article
Who says ministry is only for professionals?

28 • The Lord Is My LawyerMembers-only Article
Jesus is our Advocate--and our example.

30 • Lesson From a LaptopMembers-only Article
Let the Word transform our actions, which in turn, transforms our lives.

31 • Got Anything Good?Members-only Article
Doing whatever we can to help someone in need isn't just nice. God has commanded us to do nothing less.

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