December 20, 2007

5 • A Cosmic "Gamble"Members-only Article
What God did for us in allowing Christ to save us in His way, is unbelievable.

6 • A Major MilestoneMembers-only Article
Former Review editor Kenneth Wood recently celebrated his 90th birthday!

8 • The God Who Comes Looking
We may be lost; but He's determined not to leave us that way.

13 • Just One QualificationMembers-only Article
Until we choose leaders predominantly based on their spiritual qualifications, we may be choosing the wrong type of people.

14 • "May I Give You a Gift?"Members-only Article
This doctor prescribes faith as well as medications.

17 • Who's Laughing?
While Hollywood uses Bible stories as a punch line, the way we live is no joke.

22 • Just a Homeless PersonMembers-only Article
What do we see when we see someone asking for spare change?

24 • If You Could Choose Your Family Tree
What does your family history reveal about you?

29 • Resources to "Tool" Us for MinistryMembers-only Article
More great resources for witnessing from Monte Sahlin.

31 • The Gas LampMembers-only Article
How thankful can we be knowing that the light of Jesus cannot ever be extinguished?

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