January 24, 2008

5 • Girl Power
Our daughters and sons alike deserve to know what real power is and how they should really go about getting it.

8 • The Life and Times of Kenneth H. Wood
The former Adventist Review editor talks with assistant editor Sandra Blackmer.

14 • Living the Christian LifeMembers-only Article
A Christian is a sermon with skin.

16 • Does Salt Affect Blood Pressure?
Too much is not a good thing.

17 • The Secularization of Dr. FaustMembers-only Article
Don't let yourself be duped.

22 • Bringing Darkness to LightMembers-only Article
The better we know God, the more we can appreciate Him.

25 • The Worth of a LifeMembers-only Article
Life is a precious gift in every form, in every circumstance.

26 • Nine Years Less One DayMembers-only Article
When our lives change, we have to hole on to the One who never changes.

29 • Of Babel and BioluminescenceMembers-only Article
Maybe science and the Bible aren't so far apart.

31 • “Catching” GodMembers-only Article
We never need to doubt God's ever present Hands--ready and willing to catch us.

32 • From Superman to Cecilia Reyes
Who are the real superheros?

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