April 24, 2008

5 • Call Me ChristianMembers-only Article
To be a Christian you have to be a Christian.

6 • It's All in the Numbers
The ebb and flow of society provides a special opportunity to share the gospel message.

8 • Balancing Ends and Means
We share the same pew; why can't we all get along.

12 • The Body of Christ--Everyone Has Place in ItMembers-only Article
Perhaps we can help answer Jesus' prayer for unity.

14 • Running the Family BusinessMembers-only Article
Conrad and Libby wanted to do the right thing in the worst way.

22 • Justice From the Dust
The Lord takes justice very seriously.

24 • A Metaphor for PrayerMembers-only Article
There's really no secret to it; just do what comes naturally.

28 • Vegan vs. Vegetarian
How do we decide?

29 • Heart CriesMembers-only Article
How wonderful that God hears our wounded cries for what they are.

30 • Second ChancesMembers-only Article
It's not what we say, but what we are.

32 • Considering Our Enthusiasms
Elaborate and expensive things are a part of consumerist culture.

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