June 19, 2008

5 • Going Against the FlowMembers-only Article
Christ surely calls us to flee worldly influences.

6 • Take a Load Off and Rest
Keep the Sabbath but don't forget why you keep it.

8 • Still "People of the Book"?
Admit it: All your books about the Bible may be opened more often than the Bible itself.

13 • Reconnecting
Why do people join the church? Why do they leave? How can they be brought back?

16 • Resources to "Tool" Us for MinistryMembers-only Article
More resources from Monte Sahlin.

22 • Hunger for God
What is the depth of our hunger for Christ?

24 • Sometimes We Feel Lost in Total DarknessMembers-only Article
Only when we have our bearings can we reach our destination.

27 • Measuring GreatnessMembers-only Article
A life of quiet, consistent faithfulness is a priceless legacy.

30 • What Is a Church Congregation?Members-only Article
A church congregatione exists for a cause.

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