September 11, 2008

5 • The Church Beyond the Wall
Pray for the members of this church--wherever they may be found.

6 • The UnexpectedMembers-only Article
Our only security in an uncertain world is God.

8 • How Would Ellen White Vote?
How do Christians best influence democratic institutions--by casting ballots, or by abstaining in protest?

12 • Adventist Singles Do MissionMembers-only Article
Short-term mission trips and their long-term benefits.

16 • Traveling CompanionsMembers-only Article
You never know when strangers will become companions on your journey.

24 • Rudy and the DentistMembers-only Article
Was Rudy beyond the point of no return?

26 • A Place of Safety
Security is a basic, human need. Where do you go when you have to feel secure?

29 • Avoidance Is Not an Option
God forgives us in spite of ourselves.

31 • The Tender Trust of LifeMembers-only Article
We must teach our children to respect the gift.

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