October 16, 2008

6 • Storm Sense
Just now, the greatest thing we need is vision.

7 • Why Cradle Rollers Sing the Missionary SongMembers-only Article
The Gospel's power to change lives spreads through generations.

14 • She Has Me by the GizzardMembers-only Article
Marriage and salvation—they’re both lifetime commitments.

17 • I'll Tell the World That I'm a Christian
Christianity is the destination; Adventism the chosen vehicle.

18 • Revisiting Daniel 2
Finally, a prophetic interpretation that marries faith and  reason.

22 • The Kari and Julia StoryMembers-only Article
Two families, two tragedies,one amazing God.

28 • Baal, Hear Us! Idolatry in Aisle 7
What can a 2-year-old teach us about idols? More than you suppose.

31 • The Cleft of the RockMembers-only Article
There is no safer place than the cleft of the rock.

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