November 27, 2008

6 • Take What You Get
With God in control, we can be content to take what we get.

7 • It's All RelativeMembers-only Article
Whatever you are thankful for this season, remember that others who are getting by with much less.

14 • The Great OmissionMembers-only Article
Jesus said all His followers were to make disciples, but He didn't say we all have to be preachers to do it.

17 • The Circle
No matter how large the circle gets, it still goes round and round.

18 • A God for All Seasons
No matter where we are in life, an all-loving God is there to guide us.

22 • The Spirit of Praise
Let's remember our spiritual as well as our material blessings.

24 • What About Splenda?
What's the deal with this most famous artificial sweetener?

25 • A Tree Grows in AustraliaMembers-only Article
It all began with some missionaries who had a special message.

29 • Please Know That Your Faith Sustains UsMembers-only Article
Doing good in Christ's name.

31 • The KaleidoscopeMembers-only Article
He can be counted on for everything. No questions asked.

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