December 11, 2008

6 • This Remarkable Moment
We need to affirm and support moments like these in our collective history.

7 • Heart WealthMembers-only Article
Where are your treasures stored?

14 • Atheists Going for the Jugular
A pitched battle is raging in the world of ideas between atheists and believers.

19 • A Return to "Searching Eyes"Members-only Article
Sari Fordham looks back in her last column for the Adventist Review.

20 • Cosmic Flight PlanMembers-only Article
Knowing the Scriptures is critical.

23 • Chasing Purity
Purity and God. You can't have one without the other.

24 • Cheating Death
The doctor told Bob to put his affairs in order.

26 • Simple ChurchMembers-only Article
Can twenty-first-century Christians experience the intimacy of a first-century church?

29 • We Need Each OtherMembers-only Article
We need you and you need us.

31 • "Lifers" and "Rebels"Members-only Article
Must a noteworthy testimony contain a turning away from God?

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