January 8, 2009

6 • Snowbound
It takes no special skill to agitate the "scattered flock" with fear-filled speculation.

7 • When Small Things Are Really BigMembers-only Article
Seemingly small things can make a very big difference.

14 • Surviving the Financial Crisis
We didn't make this mess, and we're not the ones to solve it. But we can survive it--God will see to that.

19 • NostalgiaMembers-only Article
As a church we have every reason to be grateful that we have moved on in time.

20 • The Sermon on the Mount
Christians still struggle to practice these principles.

23 • Have You Seen Andy?Members-only Article
What unprecedented promises we have as followers of Christ!

24 • Remembering and Moving ForwardMembers-only Article
That was then, this is now.

26 • Finding ContentmentMembers-only Article
We can have it all.

29 • Why Freedom Demands Law
Free beings need law, for law defines what freedom really is.

31 • Beauty for AshesMembers-only Article
A remarkable recovery of our own awaits just a prayer away.

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