February 26, 2009

6 • Completely at the Mercy
When we finally come to our senses, we revel in the love we cannot command or control.

7 • A Pool of Swatted YogurtMembers-only Article
Being gracious means being thankful.

14 • "Seventy Times Seven"Members-only Article
It may be the hardest thing we're ever asked to do. It may also be the most essential.

17 • How Far Would You Go?Members-only Article
How far are you willing to go to be used by God?

18 • Charles D. Brooks: Gospel Herald
For more than five decades his mission has been to bring people to Jesus.

22 • Seeking the Lord While He May Be FoundMembers-only Article
He is nearer than we think.

24 • Waiting to Be InvitedMembers-only Article
Do you have friends who want to know Jesus better?

27 • Yes, You Will!
Ours is a living hope.

29 • Senseless ViolenceMembers-only Article
Seventh-day Adventists can answer the urgent call of people in need.

30 • Stigmatized by Type 2 Diabetes
Your health questions answered.

31 • AnonymousMembers-only Article
Are acts of generosity recorded in the books of heaven?

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