March 26, 2009

6 • Four Elegant Words
Contemplate these four elegant words, "In the beginning God..."

7 • Those Nifty GPS ThingsMembers-only Article
Don't ignore the Voice that tells you which way to go.

14 • Divide and ConquerMembers-only Article
Is there a better way to grow your church?

17 • Born Identity
We don't need a crate of lipstick; we already have the Answer.

18 • 150 Years After Darwin
150 Years after Darwin,the debate rages on.

21 • Evolution: True Science or Dogma:
If you didn't know Jesus, would evolution make better sense to you?

24 • Incredible! Incomprehensible! Unimaginable!
Wow's the word as we contemplate God's astonishing universe.

26 • Word PowerMembers-only Article
To experience it, you have to be connected to it. Are you?

28 • The "Unglamorous" Topic of Constipation
An "unglamorous" topic that affects many people.

29 • Putting Away Childish ThingsMembers-only Article
Why take such a risk when we have the resources and opportunities to go back to the basics?

31 • A Place to Worship TheeMembers-only Article
Do you long for the holy hush of community worship?

33 • The Living Daylights
Why do so many of us have a fascination with fear?

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