June 25, 2009

3 • About This Special Issue
Introduction: Editor Bill Knott shares his thoughts on this special issue.

4 • Adventist Global Health Ministry
Adventist Health Today: Dr. Allan Handysides reminds us why our health ministry is the right arm of our message.

8 • Wellness: More Than a Word
Adventist Health Foundations: Miroslav Kis tells us more about what wellness really means.

12 • Diabetes: It's Time for Change
Adventist Health Practice: Warwick Bagg takes us through new information about dealing with diabetes.

14 • Vitamin D-ficiency
Adventist Health Practice: What do you know about getting adequate Vitamin D? Dr. Allan Handysides will tell you.

16 • Adventist Health Studies: Past, Present, and Future
Adventist Health Today: All about Adventist health studies from Gary E. Fraser.

20 • Exercise
Adventist Health Practice: Why should you exercise? Darren Morton and Jonathan Duffy will tell you why.

21 • Strategies for Health and Fitness
Adventist Health Practices: Want to get healthy and fit? Try these suggestions from Delbert W. Baker.

23 • Let's Be Flexible
Adventist Health Practice: Stretch your way to better flexibility and Emily Simmons tells us how.

24 • Falling Apart or Pressing Together?
Adventist Health Study: Adventist Review editor Bill Knott gets the scoop from six leading Adventist health professionals.

28 • Dinner at Elmshaven
Adventist Health Foundations: Patricia Mutch acquaints us with Grace Jacques--Ellen White's grandaughter.

30 • Eating Heart-ily
Adventist Health Practice: Peter Landless shows that the link between diet and disease has never been clearer.

32 • Brain aging
Adventist Health Practice: Abdullah Dean Sherzai offers us suggestions for bringing back youth to aging brains.

34 • Building Bridges - Is Health Ministry Part of the Gospel?
Adventist Health Outreach: Mark A. Kellner fills us in on how Adventist health workshops cross cultures and religions.

38 • With Nature and With God
Adventist Health Foundations: Ellen White reminds us that the life of Jesus reveals the secret to renewed strength.

40 • Adventist Roots in Health Promotion
Adventist Health Foundations: Carol Easley Allen shows us a blast from our past.

43 • Wellness and the Adventist Review
Adventist Health Foundations: Read the surprising and amazing story from former editor William G. Johnsson.

46 • Should I Vaccinate My Child?
Adventist Health Practice: Dewitt Williams has the scoop on what every parent needs to know about vaccinations for their children.

48 • Community-based Lifestyle Education
Adventist Health Practice:What do you know about community-based lifestyle education? Wesley Youngberg has some answers.

51 • Who Cares?
Adventist Health Outreach: What does Joann Davidson have to say about environmental ethics and Christians?

52 • Family Health and Wellness
What does Robert Spady have to say about holistic approaches to healthcare?

53 • Health Promotion in World Divisions
What is going on in Adventist healthcare around the world? You might be surprised...and encouraged!

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