July 23, 2009

6 • Brothers Higley and Harvey
Editorial: Bill Knott reminds us of the unity we share in the work of the church.

7 • It's the Laity, People!Members-only Article
Editorial: News editor Mark A. Kellner takes us back to a time when a simple gesture made a huge impact.

14 • Meeting God in the EverydayMembers-only Article
Adventist Life: Gina Lee reminds us that our spiritual lives are just a corner of our existence.

18 • ASI Members and MissionsMembers-only Article
Ministry Profiles: Adventist Reiview intern Erica Richards and news editor Mark A. Kellner introduce us to ASI members making a difference.

22 • Service for Its Own SakeMembers-only Article
Story: Gerald Colvin tells a story about giving the best of ourselves to others.

24 • Working Witness
Cover Feature: Steve Hamstra introduces readers to the world of ASI.

30 • In Deep WaterMembers-only Article
People to Pray For: Bill Knott interview Jordan Peck from Fargo, North Dakota.

34 • In the World, Not of the WorldMembers-only Article
Spirit of Prophecy: Words from Mrs. White on what makes us a people meant to heal the world by not being completely a part of it.

38 • Wonderful Words of . . . War?
Kingdom Business: Fredrick A. Russell asks us to think about wonderful words of...war?

40 • Creation and the Certainty of the Second Coming
Heart and Soul: Edward Zinke helps us connect with truths that set us apart.

47 • Two Little Words...One Big DifferenceMembers-only Article
Reflections: AR intern Erica Richards tells us about a time when a simple act made such a difference.

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