November 12, 2009

6 • The High and Middle Ground
Editorial: Bill Knott shares his thoughts on what our fundamental beliefs really mean to us.

7 • GottesbildMembers-only Article
Editor: Gerald Klingbeil on the image of God we portray to the world.

14 • P.O. Box 1844Members-only Article
Adventist Life: Dan Serns on recognizing divine coincidences that indicate God's providence in our lives.

16 • In Uncle Caiaphas' Eyes
Cliff's Edge: Ever wondered what could have been going through Caiaphas' head? Cliff Goldstein has an idea.

17 • Charting a Different Future
Cover Feature: Loma Linda University's Richard Hart assesses Adventist higher education in North America.

22 • Times of Transition
Heart and Soul: Richard Sabuin on what four days with Jesus might be like.

28 • Student AidMembers-only Article
Story: Brenda Kornblum answers the question: "What happens when Christian students confront the world's harsh realities?"

30 • This Home is Not My WorldMembers-only Article
Lessons Learned: Valerie Phillips talks about the world that is our earthly home and how there is better real estate coming.

31 • Sunday MorningMembers-only Article
Reflections: Chandler Riley tells us about a time when he needed God but was having a little trouble getting to Him.

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