November 26, 2009

6 • Without Gloating
Editorial: Roy Adams on why giving thanks is beyond question.

7 • The Rock of GratitudeMembers-only Article
Editor: Bill Knott shares reasons for why standing on a rock of gratitude is necessary to the Christian life.

14 • Another Look at Solomon's PoolsMembers-only Article
Archaeology: What does archaeology teach us about the Word of God?

17 • It's HarvesttimeMembers-only Article
Back to Basics: Hyveth Williams talks about bringing in the sheaves.

18 • Loaves and Haystacks
Cover Feature: Why do we eat foods made from cereal and named after farm things? Wilona Karimabadi tries to figure that out.

22 • In Response to DawkinsMembers-only Article
Heart and Soul (Theology): Norman L. Mitchell on the question of origin.

25 • Diverticular DiseaseMembers-only Article
Ask the Doctors: The doctors offer information and support about diverticular disease as well as polycystic ovarian syndrome.

26 • Are You Psychic or Something?
Story: Dorothy J. Davidson on who an impromptu conversation turns into an opportunity to share Christ.

29 • Where Your Treasure Is...
Introducing the Why: Jimmy Phillips on what it means to truly give everything up for God.

31 • In His HandsMembers-only Article
Reflections: Stephen Chavez on life and Who must hold it for us.

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