December 10, 2009

6 • Standing Up for Us
Editorial: Mark A. Kellner offers a Web site that can help people understand us. It might help us understand us.

7 • God With UsMembers-only Article
Editorial: Stephen Chavez wants us to know that the standard of generous, selfless living is the true essence of the Christmas season.

14 • Not Just Another Brick in the Wall
Cover Feature: Sacred space, architecture, and theology. Gerald Klingbeil tells us what the three have to do with each other.

20 • The Eutychus SyndromeMembers-only Article
Adventist Life: Kenley Hall answers the question, "Is listening well a lost art?"

23 • This Is the End, My Friend
Cliff's Edge: Clifford Goldstein on scientific endings and beginnings.

24 • God's End-Time Remnant
Heart and Soul: Angel Rodriguez helps us understand the practical implications of the end-time concept of the Remnant.

27 • Surviving the Holidays
Focus on Wellness: Wes Youngberg, Dr.P.H., offers practical tips for surviving the holidays and holding on to your health.

28 • The BoxesMembers-only Article
They represented promises that had to be fulfilled.

30 • WithMembers-only Article
Lessons Learned: Valerie N. Phillips on what Emmanuel really means.

31 • A Better OfferMembers-only Article
Reflections: Gina Wahlen reminds us how much better it is when we wait on the Lord.

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