January 21, 2010

6 • What People Swallow
Editorial: Roy Adams on openly anchoring our belief systems on solid ground.

7 • Gearing Up With GodMembers-only Article
Editorial: Kimberly Luste Maran on what it means to gear up with God.

14 • Pastors: Unsung Heroes of the Church
Kingdom Business: Who are the real unsung heroes of our denomination? Fredrick Russell has an answer.

16 • The Decision (That No One Wants to Make)
Cover Feature: Gina Wahlen on the tough decisions we may all make for our parents.

20 • Fawn--The Dog with the Big Heart
His Hands and Feet: Phil Johnson tells us all about a four-legged friend with a big heart.

24 • When You Are Alone With God
Heart and Soul: Rebecca de Graaf reminds us that when you are alone with God, you are never alone.

27 • Life at State: It's Not as Scary as You ThinkMembers-only Article
On Campus: What happened when Bonnie McLean chose a public university for her post graduate program? A lot of good things.

28 • Living HistoryMembers-only Article
Story: Oliver Jacques reminds us that the history of the Christian church is still being written.

31 • Filthy RagsMembers-only Article
Reflections: Yvonne M. White on what it means to have your filthy rags thrown away forever.

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