June 29, 2010

2 • Delegates Elect Three New Division Presidents
New leaders elected in the North American, East-Central Africa, and Euro-Asia divisions.

4 • Surgeon General Praises Adventist Commitment to Healthy Living
Vice Admiral Regina Benjamin speaks at General Conference.

6 • Teasers
Faces, Facts, and Fun From the Dome

10 • The Grace of God
Devotional: Pastor John Ferguson emphasizes the necessity of forgiveness.

12 • Impacting Lives with Hope
The Adventist Church in South America is vast and diverse. Church members on the continent are reflecting Christ's character in many ways, reports division president Erton Köhler.

18 • Grace and Family in 
a Fractured World
Devotional: Sang Lae Kim reminds us that the family unite is a gift of grace from God.l

20 • The Most Challenging Field
Division Report: Northern-Asia Pacific Division President Jairyong Lee shares the progress of the Adventist Church in his territory.

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