July 1, 2010

2 • Delegates Strengthen Adventist Church's Creation Focus
Motions affirm creation position, reopen fundamental belief for enhancement.

6 • Teasers
Faces, Facts, and Fun From the Dome

9 • First Couple Share From Their Hearts
A Hope Channel interview with Ted and Nancy Wilson by Brad Thorp and Mark Finley.

10 • Stones and Sand, Law and Grace
Here's a dramatized monologue on God's just law and His amazing grace.

12 • Empowered By God's Grace
With 18 countries within its territory, the Southern Asia-Pacific Division has immense diversity, reports President Alberto C. Gulfan, Jr.

18 • Living By Grace as Disciples and Disciple Makers
Devotional: Pastor Jonathan Musvosi speaks on the transforming power of God's amazing grace.

20 • Growing Together in Unity and Hope
Division Report: President Bertil Wiklander shares a report of the Adventist Church's work in the Trans-European Division.

24 • Win One, Each One; Each One, Tell the World
Division Report: A report of the West-Central Africa Division, presented, June 30, 2010.

90 • Voices From the Dome
Commentary on the daily events at the GC session.

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